Relaxed Atmosphere

“I have only had one appointment, so can’t give any sort of longitudinal stamp of approval. However, she impressed me as being cheerful and sincere in her desire to help. The studio is cheerful and comfortable and there was good communication concerning the appointment beforehand. “- Maria M.

Quality Service

“Dr. Joessa does a great job with making you feel welcomed when you walk into her office. The whole environment is welcoming and relaxing and just works to promote your well being. She is cheerful, kind, interested in how you feel and seems to really want to help.”
-Dennis B.

Very Welcoming

“I had my first appointment with Dr. Joessa last week and from the moment I walked into the office I felt very welcomed and at ease. It was nothing like other chiropractors I have been to. She was genuinely interested in my overall health and well being and I did not feel pressured to keep coming back (but I definitely plan on going back!). Other chiropractors seem more concerned with booking the next appointment rather than focusing on the current one, and that was not the case at all here.”- Brooke V.


“Truly a place for healing and feeling better. Good people who really care about their clients. My pain has subsided 80% since going to Dr Joessa.”- Mark H.

Wonderful, Caring and Complete

“Dr. Austin is a treasure: she takes a holistic approach and listens to your concerns rather than treating everyone with the same routine. She understands the role of nutrition/diet and exercise in the treatment process and will help you feel better. She helped me through an extremely debilitating shoulder injury and I was back to normal much sooner than I could have expected. I cannot say enough good things about her. Highly recommended!”
– Alicia P.

I Feel Right at Home

“Everyone is genuinely concerned about you here. Welcoming, warm, wonderful. I can’t see myself every going anywhere else. “- Emily H.