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Chiropractic care is essential to the full expression of LIFE energy in the physical body.  By aligning the spine, nurturing the nervous system and balancing the body chiropractic creates health…from the inside, out!


Therapeutic Nutrition

Utilizing muscle testing techniques, Quantum Nutritional Testing is an powerful technique that assesses and targets central issues and root causes of symptoms within the body.  Following an initial assessment, a whole-food supplement program (primarily utilizing Standard Process supplements) is implemented to support the body in its healing process.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a nutrition approach utilizing and evaluating bloodwork to determine imbalances and deficiencies within the body.  This is a tangible, reliable way of taking a deeper look at how the body’s systems and organs are functioning.  After evaluating labs, a nutritional protocol is set into place to address areas of concern to ultimately optimize the body’s function.

Et Cetera Nutrition

Eating clean, fresh, real food is critical to health.  “You are what you eat” has so much truth to it.  Meet with the doctor for a full diet analysis, nutrition assessment, meal planning, grocery shopping guidance and supplement suggestions.


This 2,000 year-old Chinese Medicine modality is highly effective and virtually pain-free! Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterilized needles into specific points on the body. Acupuncture stimulates these powerful points to help restore balance, stimulate the nervous system and alleviate pain symptoms. Acupuncture may be used to treat a wide array of symptoms and health concerns ranging from pain, to migraines, digestive concerns and hormonal imbalances.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy commonly used to reduce pain and alleviate muscular tension.  Cupping Therapy involves the suction of glass or plastic cups to the muscle tissue.  This form of “Myofascial Decompression” helps stimulate blood circulation and bring essential nutrients to the tissues.  Cupping may aid in muscle recovery after vigorous workouts and stimulates the immune system by subtly detoxing the body.  Many cultures utilize this traditional modality as a safe and effective therapy for restoring flow and balance.

Energy Healing

Calm the mind and the body with a combination of healing techniques sourced from Japanese, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine teachings.  My method of energy healing involves guided breathing techniques along with gentle acupressure stimulation and healing touch.  Energy healing involves manipulating, restoring and balancing the energy of the body.  This is done by reducing blockages and strengthening deficiencies while activating the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  This therapy is a great option for those with a fear of needles and as an added modality along with Acupuncture treatments.

Payment Options

Jai is an in-network provider with Medicare and all Auto Insurance.

Outside of this, our clients are asked to pay an affordable cash rate at the time of service. Most are surprised at how very affordable rates at Jai end up being.  Creating options for clients to maintain their health without having to be burdened financially is a huge priority for us!

We have great family plans available for you and your loved ones as well! Be sure to ask what will best suit your family & your treatment plan.

Please call to further discuss details of pricing:  612-354-7121

We also offer an option to externally submit to insurance.  We provide the bill and all necessary details, you still pay at the time of service, but then you receive a check directly from your insurance should they feel inclined to pay/if you have out-of-network benefits for chiropractic services.  Call with further questions!


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