Jai offers a sweet, intimate, beautiful setting for personalized, therapeutic yoga and meditation (“Yoga-tation”!!) services.  JOIN US for a class from one of the following specialists:


Steven Ernenwein — Activated Human Lighthouse

“Nothing I have found has changed my life more thoroughly than Lucid Dreaming (being aware you’re dreaming while dreaming) and Dreamwork (the systematic use of dreams for healing and self-actualization). Our dreams hold no punches in showing us the full spectrum picture of who we really are from an aspect of ourselves that can be truly objective. Through understanding what our Self is trying to relay to us through our dreams, we have an extraordinary opportunity to fully realize our truest purpose by following the path of our own inner law.DSCF7796.jpg

Being an avid lucid dreamer and Dreamworker for the past 11 years, I offer weekly classes to share my deep passion and knowledge of the dreamworld to help others discover and utilize the gold mine of wisdom, healing, and insight that is readily available to all of us every night of our lives. There will be an open class that will continually explore a variety of topics, experiences within our dreams, and offer insight into Jungian interpretation. There will also be a closed group that will dive deeper into utilizing our dreams to unearth our latent power, potential, and destiny!

In addition to the dream classes, I am the creator of The Activated Human Lighthouse Program – a guided meditation program that aims to open you to discover, and unearth, your inner radiance to be a beacon into the world – and will be holding two meditation classes, as well. One will be focused on doing deep internal work to cultivate a rich inner life and the other will be a way for all of us to come together and activate our inner light to be of meditative spiritual service to the world at large.

If you are ready to engage your personal Hero’s journey by navigating the mythical space of your dreams and inner world through lucid dreaming, dreamwork, and/or meditation, we look forward to you joining us!”

For more information on these four classes, please visit:


Katelyn Marie —  Your True North

“I am a certified healer and instructor with the Modern Mystery School of Toronto, CA. I practice ancient healings and teach classes that have been handed down, person to person, since the time of King Solomon. You won’t find these techniques in books or online!katelyn.png

I can help heal your soul body through crystal healings, aura clearings or the Life Activation, where we activate the dormant parts of your spiritual DNA!

I am also certified in Jikiden Reiki, and can flow this energy for you in person or remotely.

Have you wanted to learn to meditate, but not sure you could quiet your mind for long? Our meditation techniques combine active and passive meditation, perfect for busy minds! These classes aren’t so much instruction, but rather active, where we practice as a class and I lead the group through each step of the meditation. These classes will be on the calendar regularly!

What drives me to help others? A few years ago, I was looking for help and answers. I wanted to heal the wounds of my past, but wasn’t having much luck with traditional methods. And then – I found energy work and meditation! Now, I share these healings and teachings, to support you in your quest to becoming your most true, highest self.

My goal is to help you heal and love yourself more than you ever have. To support you in shining your unique, bright light. To light the inner spark that will lead you to your true purpose – Your True North!

To find out more about classes or healings, please email me at, or add me on Facebook – Katelyn Marie.

When I’m not practicing, you can find me on the bike trails or lake shores of Minneapolis, connecting with nature, traveling, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends. You’ll also find me crunching numbers and analyzing financial statements at my ‘day job’. No matter where I am, I try to spread the light with a smile, compliment, or a big hug!”





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