Joessa Austin, DC – Jai Ownerdscf7713

Dr Joessa feels most ALIVE when helping patients achieve more balanced, healthy and vibrant lives. As a holistic family chiropractor, she emphasizes the importance of getting to the root cause of symptoms and healing the patient as a whole. Utilizing chiropractic care, energetic healing, as well as quantum nutritional techniques, she works to create customized answers for a broad spectrum of healing needs.

Dr Joessa studied kinesiology and human biology at the University of Minnesota, then went on to complete her doctorate at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Her continued studies have been focused on therapeutic nutrition, energy medicine, mind-body connection and comprehensive alternative care.

When Dr Joessa is not at Jai, you may find her spending time with her lovely daughter, Isla, going on long bike rides or runs around the local lakes, reading a good self-development book, or exploring around the cities.

She is most easily contacted via e-mail at or by office phone at 612-354-7121. ♥



Lacey Cline, L.Ac — Sacred Vibes Healing

Lacey R. Cline, LAc., MSOM, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner.  She obtained her Masters in Oriental Medicine Degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2012.  She is licensed in Acupuncture by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and holds a Diplomate in Acupuncture through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).  lacey2

“I have found my passion in treating a wide array of health concerns by combining Traditional Medicine techniques and therapies that are specific to each individual.  I combine Acupuncture treatments with modalities such as Cupping Therapy, Chinese Medical Massage, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Moxabustion, Food Therapy, Breathing Techniques, and Energy work.

My specialties include treatments for digestive restoration, regulating the menstrual cycle, easing the effects of menopause, supporting those with infertility concerns, managing chronic pain symptoms, decreasing and eliminating chronic migraines/headaches, alleviating symptoms of seasonal allergies, relieving symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, and helping women (and men) of all ages keep their skin looking rejuvenated and youthful with Cosmetic Acupuncture.  I also have a longstanding history of assisting in therapies throughout all stages of pregnancy to help alleviate nausea, pain, headaches, congestion, sleep disturbances and a wide array of symptoms associated with pregnancy and labor.

When I’m not doing what I love, I enjoy cultivating my own energy by spending time with those that fuel my soul, practicing yoga and pilates, playing guitar, meditating, reading, and exploring my beautiful city of Minneapolis.
I am most easily contacted via E-mail at Check out my full Bio and Schedule your session via my website link below!  I look forward to assisting you on your path the health and healing. <3”


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