Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy This Germ Season

germfreaksAs a new mom, I have been incredibly vigilant this germ season about keeping myself and my family healthy.  I absolutely refuse to see my 4-month-old beautiful little girl get sick!!

It has been working thus far (knock on wood!!) so I thought I’d share some pointers that will hopefully be useful for keeping you and your family healthy too!

Here are my top 5 strategies to avoid becoming a host to any of the nasty germs that are floating around!:

1. Regular chiropractic adjustments! – Of course this is my numero uno!  And with good reason; every chiropractic adjustment boosts the immune system and allows your body to function at 100%.  There is really no better solution to keeping healthy!

2. Take your vitamins – My personal immune-boosting, winter concoction consists of a potent daily multivitamin (Phytomulti by Metagenics is my fave), 5000IU of D3 (I currently use Nutri-Dyn drops so I can add a drop or 2 to my baby’s bottle every day, too!), 1-2 scoops of Espresso Dynamic Greens (antioxidant power), and a vegetarian DHA (omega-3 source)!

3. Immune-boosting essential oils – I both aromatically diffuse and directly apply essential oils for their immune-enhancing capabilities.  Some of my favorites are Veriditas Good Samaritan, DoTerra On-Guard, Oregano and Frankincense.  (Side note: I highly suggest seeking professional advise before using essential oils on yourself or your family)

4. Frequent hand washing – Through everyday interactions and happenings, we inevitably come into contact with germs; they are literally everywhere!  During this season of heightened sensitivity and germ load, it’s important to wash hands frequently (and avoid touching eyes, ears and mouth in the meantime) to reduce chances of exposure.  It’s also effective to use hand sanitizer when a sink isn’t convenient!

5. Think happy thoughts – No joke!  Meditate, use positive affirmations, visualize a happy you.  There are studies showing more and more that a positive mind creates a positively healthier body.  Think: “gratitude, love, patience, yes!!” as often as possible, and you’ll be started on a positive track. Or, find yourself an amazing therapist… everyone needs one on their team!

Be well, friends!



Starting Over. Again…

“It takes courage to start over”


It certainly does!! I pulled this sweet little quote from a really powerful video that I was recently introduced to. The quote, and the entire motivational video pushed me to reflect…

I opened Jai on January 1st, 2 years ago; round 2 of my go at starting my own business (round 1 was short-lived in California), so the pressure was ON to make this go-round WORK! After my first short week in business, nothing had magically turned into SOMETHING as my stats told me I had seen 6 patients that week! 6 wasn’t exactly the success I had in mind, but I celebrated and meditated in gratitude at the end of the week nonetheless.
The practice slowly began to blossom over that first year and by the end of it all, I was blessed with the opportunity to serve an abundant number of patients every week; I was thrilled and honored. I was also newly in LOVE and completely glowing from all of the happiness and success which suddenly surrounded me.

Cue 2014 – the year of my growing belly, morning sickness, sore wrists, and exhaustingly sleepy days. I had no plan in place to sustain year one’s success at Jai, so the stats went tumbling. They tumbled, and tumbled, and tumbled.

My beautiful Isla Ray was born in mid-October, and I was excited to return to Jai just 5 weeks later on a part time basis. My hopes were high that all of the patients I had served in 2014 would come flooding back in and pack my limited schedule to the brim.

Weeks passed and I realized my flooding wish wasn’t a reality. Cue round 3 of essentially starting my business all over.  It feels scary, disheartening and trying.. but at the same time exciting, challenging and filled with the joyous celebrations of all of the small, seemingly insignificant successes.

Starting over is tough, whether we’re talking business, weight loss, relationships; it all takes massive amounts of courage! But at the end of the day priorities are set, dreams brew, the success carrot dangles, and forward progress starts again… Or the ultimate goal will fade and never come to life!
I am completely determined that 2015 will be my very last ‘start over’ with lots of courage to boot. Cheers to that!


Regarding Flu Shots

“Should I, or shouldn’t I?”

It’s a completely valid and super common question I’m hearing lately.  ‘Tis the Season!

I think the best way to go about vaccines/shots is to gather as much information as possible, then make an informed decision based on what feels right to you.  shotvacc

For what it’s worth, here are the top 3 informed reasons that I will not be getting a flu shot:

  • Flu shots contain mercury (aka “thimerosal”) to “prevent contamination”.  While thimerosal does a great job at killing off potential pathogenic invaders, research also proves that even small amounts kill nerve and brain cells.  No chance you’ll get me to inject that stuff directly into my bloodstream!
  • Formaldehyde, the same substance that is used to preserve deceased bodies in the science lab, is added to vaccines to kill the viruses that are contained in it.  Formaldehyde is acknowledged by the CDC to be a ‘hazardous chemical’.  It’s carcinogenic and poisonous if ingested.  WTF?
  • The developers of the yearly vaccine literally are guessing which strains (out of over 300) are going to effect the most people.  They choose 3 (this year I hear there’s an option to receive 4) strains and concoct a vaccine containing those.  3…out of over 300 possible strains.  I’m super awful at math, but even I see something wrong with this.  What are the odds that you’ll come into contact with one of the other 297 strains and get sick, even if you’ve been vaccinated?  Pretty darn good if you’re looking at the logistics of it all.

THE, hands down, BEST way to avoid the flu is to keep your body healthy and keep your toxic load down so your body can fight if it needs to.  Get adjusted, eat nourishing foods, think good thoughts, build your muscles and find some time to relax.  Your odds are much better!

Kicking Ass at Being Sick…

Ever think that you’re such a bad ass that you’re invincible to all?!  That was ME last Tuesday when I shared my morning oatmeal with my sweet little niece who was fighting hand, foot and mouth disease.  I’m a chiropractor and in general the healthiest chick around… nothing to worry about! Turns out I couldn’t have been more confused and wrong about this!

Fast forward to Friday afternoon… a fever of 102 and climbing, chills, back and abdominal pain, and the worst feeling of impending doom EVER!  After a concerned call to my brilliant Nurse Practitioner Uncle, I was on my way to Urgent Care followed up by a 5 hour CLoveFlowersexperience in the ER.

You know how chicken pox is typically a childhood illness, and they say if you get it as an adult, it’s a million times worse?  I’m pretty certain the same is very true regarding hand, foot and mouth disease.  Mild and super common for children, deathly and awful for adults (even the healthiest of us!).

I PRIDE myself on my independence, my nearly spotless health record, and my uncanny ability to run a rock star small business.  When ALL of those things were robbed of me this weekend… my perspective was twisted and I learned some extremely valuable lessons.

1. We can pull out ALL the stops, eat clean, get adjusted regularly, think well and nourish our body at 100%… but in the end, we all have to be A-OK with not being completely invincible to all things, at all times.  It’s part of LIFE!

2. Despite valid attempts, life cannot be efficiently done alone.  SHOUT OUT to my incredible significant other who kicked ass this weekend.  I wouldn’t have been able to brush my teeth, dress properly, handle the ER, or be near as level-headed as I came out being.

This is a lesson that I think the Universe has been trying to teach me for quite some time.  LET GO of complete control, accept loving help and know that you’re NOT in this all alone.  A good note for all to embrace… Thanks, Universe!  I get it now…

3.  I’m in the EXACT right place as far as my business goes.  I am completely in LOVE with my office, patients and all that I get to do on a regular basis.  I knew this before, but feel even deeper gratitude and passion for getting back to the daily grind and digging in at Jai Healing Studio.  This place is amazing!

It feels so great to be living in and on purpose.  My good friend, Life Coach and business partner Nina Roberts Salveson helped me uncover my truth and reveal my path about a year ago now, which ultimately IS Jai.  I suggest you ALL find a Nina (contact me for her info if you’re interested!) if something doesn’t feel quite right with your daily grind.

Sickness blows… but I love how there are always beautiful bits you can take from the places and experiences that feel most rock bottom.

Happy healing to all!

And please KNOW that if you ever find yourself in a rock bottom spot don’t try to be a major bad ass… I’m here!! … you’re never, ever alone!


Conquering Allergies

Everyone seems to be suddenly having issues with allergies coming back with extreme vengeance lately. Can you relate?
I’m NOT at all a fan of over-the-counter allergy meds, or ANY ‘bandaid meds’ (meds that cover up symptoms instead of addressing the actual issue!) for that matter. In my humble opinion, drugs like Sudafed, Claritin and Benadryl are junk! If you look at the ingredients listed on these drugs, do you notice something? Do you know what any of the ingredients are? Your likely answer is a resounding “no”! I don’t either!  This, and the fact that the side effects are typically just not worth it, is why I would never choose to put any of it into my body. Ever!sneeze-shake
Allergic symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes and feelings of wanting to rip your face off are nothing to ignore, but you also want to be sure to NOT cover the signs up with questionable drugs. It would be my suggestion to take these symptoms for what they truly are – your body is signaling for HELP! Your clogged nose and watery specs are trying to tell you something! And the message is probably that something just isn’t right internally.
So instead of covering up and suppressing the symptoms, my suggestion is that you dig deeper so you don’t have to suffer allergies for life!

Here are some points to consider:

  • MANY of the patients who I see suffering with allergy symptoms experience allergies because they actually have a NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY. In other words, the body is starving for a particular nutrient; whether it’s biotin, thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin C, etc. Nourish the body and it will take care of itself!  There are different muscle tests and elimination techniques I would love to guide you through that may just answer all of your allergy woes.
  • Also, there are specific areas of the spine that chiropractors are able to detect and focus on for allergy relief. The core concept of chiropractic is based on aligning the spine so the nerves can optimally run the body and keep it healthy. It’s very possible that those nerves to your sinuses or lacrimal glands are simply irritated due to an imbalance in the spine. The best solution: chiropractic care!
  • One of the most tasty and easy ways to combat seasonal allergies is super simple: raw, local honey! Just one tablespoon in the morning will often expose your immune system to a small bit of the local pollens and dusts, just enough to act as a (healthy, non-toxic) vaccine-type stimulus. But take caution – children under the age of 2 should never be given honey; they don’t have a robust enough gut to handle the small bits of bacteria that could be hanging out in the unprocessed golden treat. My favorite raw, local honey source in the Minneapolis area is a company called The Beez Kneez. Check them out!
  • Another way to ease symptoms is by visiting The Salt cave, which is conveniently located just a few doors down from Jai Healing Studio! Relaxing in the cave for a 45 minute session (just $30!) often drys the sinuses, calms inflammation and supplies a healthy dose of relaxation.

All of that being said, approaches to combating allergies are best to be evaluated and approached on an individual basis. Avoid the quick, drug-filled fix and give something a try that may get to the bottom of the problem with positive effects that could (and often do!) last a lifetime.

‘Tis the Season.. To Be At Your HEAVIEST?

I can’t even keep track anymore of how many clients and friends have told me, “I’m at the heaviest I have ever been”!  …and I can relate!!  I am weighing in 10-15 pounds heavier than what I’ve always known my body to be comfortable at.  Ugh!  It raises frustration and begs the question: WHAT GIVES?!

No, seriously, what gives?  The first step in starting a weight-loss journey is uncovering what brought you to where you’re at now in the first place.  Without unveiling and tackling the WHY it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll end up right where we started within a year or so of achieving weight loss (ever been a cyclic, roller-coaster-style dieter?).   So… let’s figure this out!!  Here are some of the most common roots of weight gain and obesity that I see in my practice.  Do you relate?

  • Lack of Self-Love:  The number one root cause of weight gain in my eyes is the lack of self-love.  And as soon as we fully love and embrace ourselves in yikesour rawest, most vulnerable state… we realize how deserving our body is to be in its perfect state of health.  LOVE thy self.
  • Toxic Overload: Number two culprit!  We are all exposed to toxins throughout our day-to-day lives.  Toxins are in the foods we consume, the cleaning products we use and the air we breathe!  Guess what stores toxins?!  FAT cells.  Our bodies naturally hold on to and build additional fat cells to keep up with our toxic load.  This is why detoxing on a regular basis is essential to healthy body weight and a healthy life!
  • Lack of Support: Who is your #1 cheerleader in life?  FIND one!  Someone who supports you, celebrates with you and GETS who you are at your core.  Human support and connection is SO important, especially as you are looking to embrace lifestyle changes!  Don’t have one? …It would be my honor to be yours! (**rah!!..rah!!**)
  • Food Addiction: Seriously!!  They say that sugar is just as –if not MORE– addicting that cocaine.  HELLO?!  Also, many processed foods are now chemically engineered to be addicting so we are more motivated to BUY and consume more!  Recognizing the addiction aspect of junk foods is a great first step in eliminating them.
  • Unfortunate Weather Circumstances:  I swear — being in Minnesota where we just had two major blizzards in late April — lack of sunlight, deficiency of vitamin D and just plain cabin fever can drive a girl CRAZY!!  Suddenly pizza (gluten free, of course) and excessive amounts of dark chocolate begin sounding like brilliant solutions after long treks in the snow.  😉

Are YOU at your heaviest?  Or just plain unhappy about where your body is at from a health standpoint?  Let’s figure this out TOGETHER!  …’Tis the season!


Eat Your Vegetables…And Other Helpful Eating-On-The-Go Thoughts

I have had SO many clients asking me about how to clean up their diets lately (It’s THAT time of year!), especially pertaining to lunchtime woes, so I HAD to blog about it!  What’s your most challenging meal of the day?  I’d bet at least 90% of us would either say breakfast (because “I just don’t have time for it”?!) or lunch (because “my coworkers always want to go out!” or “ I just want tluncho get out of the office, so I don’t want to PACK a lunch”!).  Okay, I GET it…completely!

Here is what I have to say about these woes:

Regarding BREAKFAST – this is THE most important meal of the day!  I highly recommend that you DO NOT skip it!  Wake up 15 minutes early if need be, or prep breakfasts at the beginning of the week.   Whatever you need to do to get at least 200 CALORIES and 20 grams of PROTEIN each and every morning!  DO IT!!  Your body will thank you (and me?!) for it!  It is so imperative that we kick start our metabolism in the morning and feed our brain for the day ahead.  There is no better way than fueling it with a nutrient dense breakfast!  Try these quick, easy suggestions:

Trader Joe’s Chicken Sausages (about 10g of protein per sausage, and   they come in a variety of flavors!)

Pre-prepped coconut milk yogurt parfaits (stay tuned for recipes!)

EGGS! (about 6-7g of protein per egg, eat them boiled, scrambled, raw…and ALWAYS organic!)

Smoothies (make sure you’re adding both fruits and veggies, get creative and add ingredients like flax seeds, chia seeds, aloe juice and cucumbers!)

Regarding LUNCH – Focus on consuming protein and vegetables.  Everything else is just added calories.  Avoid consuming too much (if any) gluten or sugar at lunch, or really at ANY meal throughout the day!  Both sugar and gluten cause inflammation at a cellular level in the body which is entirely non-ideal.

Plan ahead!  If you’re going OUT to lunch, take a look at the restaurant’s online menu and make a healthy selection before you are rushed, starving and smelling the fabulous smells that are there to entice you to eat JUNK.

Scope out some healthy, affordable spots around your office.  Make a list and prepare!  Some of my favorite common lunch spots with healthy options include Panera (stick to the soups and salads, avoid sandwiches and bagels!), the local deli (again stick to proteins and vegetables), Jimmy Johns (the UNWHICH is ideal…avoid the bread! Especially their white bread), Whole Foods salad bar, or Chipotle (avoid the tortillas, sour cream, cheese and too much rice!).  Again, wherever you go focus on clean PROTEIN sources and VEGETABLES.

If you’re truly on a budget, the BEST thing to do is pack a lunch.  On the days that I pack a lunch but still want to get out of the office, I take a walk or drive to a local park, lake or random bench and relax there while I eat!  Again, while packing lunches, focus on nutrient dense, non-processed foods that are full of protein and also load up on vegetables!

Call to set up a full nutrition evaluation and planning with yours truly if you’d like more ideas on how to tailor a meal plan that works with your style and life.

Happy Eating!

THE month of LoVe!!

Happy February!!   THE month of LOVE!



To show my LOVE for ALL this month I am introducing Tuesday evening “Doctor With a Heart” adjustments at Jai Healing Studio!

Are you feeling a budget crunch lately?  Feeling like the abundance rain parade isn’t raining in your direction?


Schedule an appointment at Jai TUESDAY evenings from 4-6pm and get adjusted for just $25!


4-5 lbs in 7 days?!

Everyone is asking what the buzz is all about…so here it is!

I have a love hate relationship with ‘advertising’ this detox.  I dislike the fact that it sounds SO gimmicky:  LOSE weight and watch your FAT disappear in just days (in my best phony radio announcer voice)!!  However, I LOVE sharing this with people because…




This detox is based on sound research and has been used by thousands to:

  • sharpen mental clarity (feeling foggy?!)
  • lose weight (the average client loses 4-5 pounds of FAT in 7 days!)
  • enhance athletic performance
  • kick-start healthy lifestyle choices
  • overcome illness and disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, MS, dermatitis, irritable bowel, etc.)
  • detox at a cellular level

WHY is it important to detox?


I could talk for DAYS on this question!  I actually do a lecture (in home, at corporations..all over!) dedicated solely to this question.

The gist of my best answer: we all are toxic sponges.  I like to think of it as a ‘bucket’ concept.  Your toxic bucket slowly fills over time from any physical (working out enough? or too much?), chemical (the food we eat, the environment we surround ourselves with) or emotional stress (all of the cells in your body hear your thoughts!) that you encounter.


What happens when our bucket fills and our cells are overflowing with toxins?

We get sick! Our body expresses pain! Cancer, the flu, a cold, diabetes, hypertension…we sometimes literally boil over!

So WHAT can we do to empty our toxic bucket?

The BEST way to detox:


  • NOURISH the body with nutrients
  • SUPPORT the body’s natural detoxifying organs (liver, kidneys, gut…)
  • FLUSH the toxins out!

Over my years of experience and experimentation I believe I have found THE BEST detox options available.  I typically offer my clients two options.  The:

  • 21-day slow and steady detox
  • 7-day intense detox

Consultations are FREE, where I can help you decided which

    would be best for your goals and body type.


If you’re curious…

Here is how the 7-day Intense Detox works:


  • You may consume ALL of the fresh, organic vegetables that you would like! (Avoiding starchy veggies like potatoes and yams)
  • You consume 4-6 servings of medical food (similar to a protein powder) each day.  We tailor your medical food to your specific needs.
  • You consume all of the Dynamic Greens (another powder) you’d like. Typically at least 1-2 scoops per day
  • You have 24/7 access to me!  I’m here to support you and cheer you on throughout the entire 7 days!inflamx


There are sometimes other supports we add to the detox as we discover how your body is responding to the detox.  I would never suggest doing such a detox without proper supervision.

So, that’s it!  A tough 7 days for most, but completely worth it!
Sound Interesting?  Contact me for a consult!After the 7 days, we discuss how to begin to implement foods back into your diet and often set up a healthy eating plan for you to move forward with!




BODY(worlds) Reflections

Body-Worlds-20I was at the incredible Body Worlds exhibit at the MN Science Museum this weekend.   This is such an AWEsome experience and I recommend it to you ALL!!

The following excerpt was quoted at the very beginning of the exhibit, I found it powerful and enlightening and I hope YOU do too!!

The Cycle of Life

The human body.

A marvel of contradictions.

Simple yet complex.

Vulnerable yet resilient.

Our Bodies will be with us throughout our lives,

to help us experience ourselves and the world around us.

They show us the limits of our experience,

yet represent the starting point

of our boundless potential.

Nevertheless, our bodies are

not only a divine gift or bounty of nature.

They are also our very own personal responsibility,

the total sum of our lifestyle.

Good health is a highly fragile condition.

From conception to birth

and from infancy to childhood,

from adolescence to youth

and from adulthood to old age –

the only thing that remains throughout is constant change.

The human body – a lifelong challenge

and a visible reflection of our human clock.

Is your body reflecting your journey well?  We may not be able to reverse or halt the aging process, but we definitely have control over the graceful nature of our aging.  The sooner we realize and step into that control, the better!

I would LOVE to assist in your journey.