Starting Over. Again…

“It takes courage to start over”


It certainly does!! I pulled this sweet little quote from a really powerful video that I was recently introduced to. The quote, and the entire motivational video pushed me to reflect…

I opened Jai on January 1st, 2 years ago; round 2 of my go at starting my own business (round 1 was short-lived in California), so the pressure was ON to make this go-round WORK! After my first short week in business, nothing had magically turned into SOMETHING as my stats told me I had seen 6 patients that week! 6 wasn’t exactly the success I had in mind, but I celebrated and meditated in gratitude at the end of the week nonetheless.
The practice slowly began to blossom over that first year and by the end of it all, I was blessed with the opportunity to serve an abundant number of patients every week; I was thrilled and honored. I was also newly in LOVE and completely glowing from all of the happiness and success which suddenly surrounded me.

Cue 2014 – the year of my growing belly, morning sickness, sore wrists, and exhaustingly sleepy days. I had no plan in place to sustain year one’s success at Jai, so the stats went tumbling. They tumbled, and tumbled, and tumbled.

My beautiful Isla Ray was born in mid-October, and I was excited to return to Jai just 5 weeks later on a part time basis. My hopes were high that all of the patients I had served in 2014 would come flooding back in and pack my limited schedule to the brim.

Weeks passed and I realized my flooding wish wasn’t a reality. Cue round 3 of essentially starting my business all over.  It feels scary, disheartening and trying.. but at the same time exciting, challenging and filled with the joyous celebrations of all of the small, seemingly insignificant successes.

Starting over is tough, whether we’re talking business, weight loss, relationships; it all takes massive amounts of courage! But at the end of the day priorities are set, dreams brew, the success carrot dangles, and forward progress starts again… Or the ultimate goal will fade and never come to life!
I am completely determined that 2015 will be my very last ‘start over’ with lots of courage to boot. Cheers to that!



One thought on “Starting Over. Again…

  1. Chuck says:

    There is a season for everything. You are a wonderful, caring doctor and now MOM! It won’t be long before things are back to where they were. If not bigger! I’m sure of it. Too much knowledge, skill and passion to hold you back!!

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