Regarding Flu Shots

“Should I, or shouldn’t I?”

It’s a completely valid and super common question I’m hearing lately.  ‘Tis the Season!

I think the best way to go about vaccines/shots is to gather as much information as possible, then make an informed decision based on what feels right to you.  shotvacc

For what it’s worth, here are the top 3 informed reasons that I will not be getting a flu shot:

  • Flu shots contain mercury (aka “thimerosal”) to “prevent contamination”.  While thimerosal does a great job at killing off potential pathogenic invaders, research also proves that even small amounts kill nerve and brain cells.  No chance you’ll get me to inject that stuff directly into my bloodstream!
  • Formaldehyde, the same substance that is used to preserve deceased bodies in the science lab, is added to vaccines to kill the viruses that are contained in it.  Formaldehyde is acknowledged by the CDC to be a ‘hazardous chemical’.  It’s carcinogenic and poisonous if ingested.  WTF?
  • The developers of the yearly vaccine literally are guessing which strains (out of over 300) are going to effect the most people.  They choose 3 (this year I hear there’s an option to receive 4) strains and concoct a vaccine containing those.  3…out of over 300 possible strains.  I’m super awful at math, but even I see something wrong with this.  What are the odds that you’ll come into contact with one of the other 297 strains and get sick, even if you’ve been vaccinated?  Pretty darn good if you’re looking at the logistics of it all.

THE, hands down, BEST way to avoid the flu is to keep your body healthy and keep your toxic load down so your body can fight if it needs to.  Get adjusted, eat nourishing foods, think good thoughts, build your muscles and find some time to relax.  Your odds are much better!