Kicking Ass at Being Sick…

Ever think that you’re such a bad ass that you’re invincible to all?!  That was ME last Tuesday when I shared my morning oatmeal with my sweet little niece who was fighting hand, foot and mouth disease.  I’m a chiropractor and in general the healthiest chick around… nothing to worry about! Turns out I couldn’t have been more confused and wrong about this!

Fast forward to Friday afternoon… a fever of 102 and climbing, chills, back and abdominal pain, and the worst feeling of impending doom EVER!  After a concerned call to my brilliant Nurse Practitioner Uncle, I was on my way to Urgent Care followed up by a 5 hour CLoveFlowersexperience in the ER.

You know how chicken pox is typically a childhood illness, and they say if you get it as an adult, it’s a million times worse?  I’m pretty certain the same is very true regarding hand, foot and mouth disease.  Mild and super common for children, deathly and awful for adults (even the healthiest of us!).

I PRIDE myself on my independence, my nearly spotless health record, and my uncanny ability to run a rock star small business.  When ALL of those things were robbed of me this weekend… my perspective was twisted and I learned some extremely valuable lessons.

1. We can pull out ALL the stops, eat clean, get adjusted regularly, think well and nourish our body at 100%… but in the end, we all have to be A-OK with not being completely invincible to all things, at all times.  It’s part of LIFE!

2. Despite valid attempts, life cannot be efficiently done alone.  SHOUT OUT to my incredible significant other who kicked ass this weekend.  I wouldn’t have been able to brush my teeth, dress properly, handle the ER, or be near as level-headed as I came out being.

This is a lesson that I think the Universe has been trying to teach me for quite some time.  LET GO of complete control, accept loving help and know that you’re NOT in this all alone.  A good note for all to embrace… Thanks, Universe!  I get it now…

3.  I’m in the EXACT right place as far as my business goes.  I am completely in LOVE with my office, patients and all that I get to do on a regular basis.  I knew this before, but feel even deeper gratitude and passion for getting back to the daily grind and digging in at Jai Healing Studio.  This place is amazing!

It feels so great to be living in and on purpose.  My good friend, Life Coach and business partner Nina Roberts Salveson helped me uncover my truth and reveal my path about a year ago now, which ultimately IS Jai.  I suggest you ALL find a Nina (contact me for her info if you’re interested!) if something doesn’t feel quite right with your daily grind.

Sickness blows… but I love how there are always beautiful bits you can take from the places and experiences that feel most rock bottom.

Happy healing to all!

And please KNOW that if you ever find yourself in a rock bottom spot don’t try to be a major bad ass… I’m here!! … you’re never, ever alone!