Conquering Allergies

Everyone seems to be suddenly having issues with allergies coming back with extreme vengeance lately. Can you relate?
I’m NOT at all a fan of over-the-counter allergy meds, or ANY ‘bandaid meds’ (meds that cover up symptoms instead of addressing the actual issue!) for that matter. In my humble opinion, drugs like Sudafed, Claritin and Benadryl are junk! If you look at the ingredients listed on these drugs, do you notice something? Do you know what any of the ingredients are? Your likely answer is a resounding “no”! I don’t either!  This, and the fact that the side effects are typically just not worth it, is why I would never choose to put any of it into my body. Ever!sneeze-shake
Allergic symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes and feelings of wanting to rip your face off are nothing to ignore, but you also want to be sure to NOT cover the signs up with questionable drugs. It would be my suggestion to take these symptoms for what they truly are – your body is signaling for HELP! Your clogged nose and watery specs are trying to tell you something! And the message is probably that something just isn’t right internally.
So instead of covering up and suppressing the symptoms, my suggestion is that you dig deeper so you don’t have to suffer allergies for life!

Here are some points to consider:

  • MANY of the patients who I see suffering with allergy symptoms experience allergies because they actually have a NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY. In other words, the body is starving for a particular nutrient; whether it’s biotin, thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin C, etc. Nourish the body and it will take care of itself!  There are different muscle tests and elimination techniques I would love to guide you through that may just answer all of your allergy woes.
  • Also, there are specific areas of the spine that chiropractors are able to detect and focus on for allergy relief. The core concept of chiropractic is based on aligning the spine so the nerves can optimally run the body and keep it healthy. It’s very possible that those nerves to your sinuses or lacrimal glands are simply irritated due to an imbalance in the spine. The best solution: chiropractic care!
  • One of the most tasty and easy ways to combat seasonal allergies is super simple: raw, local honey! Just one tablespoon in the morning will often expose your immune system to a small bit of the local pollens and dusts, just enough to act as a (healthy, non-toxic) vaccine-type stimulus. But take caution – children under the age of 2 should never be given honey; they don’t have a robust enough gut to handle the small bits of bacteria that could be hanging out in the unprocessed golden treat. My favorite raw, local honey source in the Minneapolis area is a company called The Beez Kneez. Check them out!
  • Another way to ease symptoms is by visiting The Salt cave, which is conveniently located just a few doors down from Jai Healing Studio! Relaxing in the cave for a 45 minute session (just $30!) often drys the sinuses, calms inflammation and supplies a healthy dose of relaxation.

All of that being said, approaches to combating allergies are best to be evaluated and approached on an individual basis. Avoid the quick, drug-filled fix and give something a try that may get to the bottom of the problem with positive effects that could (and often do!) last a lifetime.