BODY(worlds) Reflections

Body-Worlds-20I was at the incredible Body Worlds exhibit at the MN Science Museum this weekend.   This is such an AWEsome experience and I recommend it to you ALL!!

The following excerpt was quoted at the very beginning of the exhibit, I found it powerful and enlightening and I hope YOU do too!!

The Cycle of Life

The human body.

A marvel of contradictions.

Simple yet complex.

Vulnerable yet resilient.

Our Bodies will be with us throughout our lives,

to help us experience ourselves and the world around us.

They show us the limits of our experience,

yet represent the starting point

of our boundless potential.

Nevertheless, our bodies are

not only a divine gift or bounty of nature.

They are also our very own personal responsibility,

the total sum of our lifestyle.

Good health is a highly fragile condition.

From conception to birth

and from infancy to childhood,

from adolescence to youth

and from adulthood to old age –

the only thing that remains throughout is constant change.

The human body – a lifelong challenge

and a visible reflection of our human clock.

Is your body reflecting your journey well?  We may not be able to reverse or halt the aging process, but we definitely have control over the graceful nature of our aging.  The sooner we realize and step into that control, the better!

I would LOVE to assist in your journey.



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