4-5 lbs in 7 days?!

Everyone is asking what the buzz is all about…so here it is!

I have a love hate relationship with ‘advertising’ this detox.  I dislike the fact that it sounds SO gimmicky:  LOSE weight and watch your FAT disappear in just days (in my best phony radio announcer voice)!!  However, I LOVE sharing this with people because…




This detox is based on sound research and has been used by thousands to:

  • sharpen mental clarity (feeling foggy?!)
  • lose weight (the average client loses 4-5 pounds of FAT in 7 days!)
  • enhance athletic performance
  • kick-start healthy lifestyle choices
  • overcome illness and disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, MS, dermatitis, irritable bowel, etc.)
  • detox at a cellular level

WHY is it important to detox?


I could talk for DAYS on this question!  I actually do a lecture (in home, at corporations..all over!) dedicated solely to this question.

The gist of my best answer: we all are toxic sponges.  I like to think of it as a ‘bucket’ concept.  Your toxic bucket slowly fills over time from any physical (working out enough? or too much?), chemical (the food we eat, the environment we surround ourselves with) or emotional stress (all of the cells in your body hear your thoughts!) that you encounter.


What happens when our bucket fills and our cells are overflowing with toxins?

We get sick! Our body expresses pain! Cancer, the flu, a cold, diabetes, hypertension…we sometimes literally boil over!

So WHAT can we do to empty our toxic bucket?

The BEST way to detox:


  • NOURISH the body with nutrients
  • SUPPORT the body’s natural detoxifying organs (liver, kidneys, gut…)
  • FLUSH the toxins out!

Over my years of experience and experimentation I believe I have found THE BEST detox options available.  I typically offer my clients two options.  The:

  • 21-day slow and steady detox
  • 7-day intense detox

Consultations are FREE, where I can help you decided which

    would be best for your goals and body type.


If you’re curious…

Here is how the 7-day Intense Detox works:


  • You may consume ALL of the fresh, organic vegetables that you would like! (Avoiding starchy veggies like potatoes and yams)
  • You consume 4-6 servings of medical food (similar to a protein powder) each day.  We tailor your medical food to your specific needs.
  • You consume all of the Dynamic Greens (another powder) you’d like. Typically at least 1-2 scoops per day
  • You have 24/7 access to me!  I’m here to support you and cheer you on throughout the entire 7 days!inflamx


There are sometimes other supports we add to the detox as we discover how your body is responding to the detox.  I would never suggest doing such a detox without proper supervision.

So, that’s it!  A tough 7 days for most, but completely worth it!
Sound Interesting?  Contact me for a consult!After the 7 days, we discuss how to begin to implement foods back into your diet and often set up a healthy eating plan for you to move forward with!





BODY(worlds) Reflections

Body-Worlds-20I was at the incredible Body Worlds exhibit at the MN Science Museum this weekend.   This is such an AWEsome experience and I recommend it to you ALL!!

The following excerpt was quoted at the very beginning of the exhibit, I found it powerful and enlightening and I hope YOU do too!!

The Cycle of Life

The human body.

A marvel of contradictions.

Simple yet complex.

Vulnerable yet resilient.

Our Bodies will be with us throughout our lives,

to help us experience ourselves and the world around us.

They show us the limits of our experience,

yet represent the starting point

of our boundless potential.

Nevertheless, our bodies are

not only a divine gift or bounty of nature.

They are also our very own personal responsibility,

the total sum of our lifestyle.

Good health is a highly fragile condition.

From conception to birth

and from infancy to childhood,

from adolescence to youth

and from adulthood to old age –

the only thing that remains throughout is constant change.

The human body – a lifelong challenge

and a visible reflection of our human clock.

Is your body reflecting your journey well?  We may not be able to reverse or halt the aging process, but we definitely have control over the graceful nature of our aging.  The sooner we realize and step into that control, the better!

I would LOVE to assist in your journey.